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3 ways to ensure your website is wrong before it’s built

When you start out getting your website built or even if you have had one done but the end result is not what you expected, it is too easy to point fingers at the web designer as being at fault.

Now, this post is not to justify something I have done, as I personally not had any issues around this, but rather I do get a lot of people asking me for help after their site has been built and has manifested into something that is not what they are after. Unfortunately, this does come down to a number of reasons which can easily be avoided right at the start.

Get ready to be armed with my top tips on how to approach your new website build to ensure you get 100% what you want.

Ask Questions and do your research

Many people can build a website but that does not mean that they are web designers or even online marketing experts. There is a huge difference from someone who can throw together a WordPress site to someone who has experience in sales marketing and advertising – there is also a cost differential as well. The old saying you get what you pay for, so make sure you do your research first and do not go for cheap!

Know your Market

Do you know who your potential new customers are? Where do they live, what is the gender and ages, what are their buying signals? If you do not know these, then the chances are your website will not be built to accommodate any of these required aspects for selling. The wrong colour, image or even layout might be enough to put of your customers and attract the wrong audience.


Talk is cheap but it is a two-way street and if you are not communicating what is needed and keeping an eye on the progress of the work, then the great unveiling could be a total flop. Make sure you have daily communication and is possible a weekly 30mins consult just to see where you are and how things are progressing.

Don’t try and get involved in the look and feel though. You are too close to your business and this could also hinder your online sales. Instead focus on the end game and the information on the site along with the selling signals are correct and easy to see.

Nobody wants a flop of a site and neither do your web guy(s). Likes an artist they want to be proud of the work they do and often put their heart and soul into the work.

Likewise, your site needs to return sales or generate traffic and interest in its subject and if either of these two aspects is failing, then you need to rethink and go back to the drawing board fairly quickly!

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