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5 Blogging Myths BUSTED!

How often I hear people say things like “blogging is a waste of time” or “blogging does not work for me” gives credence to the persons lack understanding of blogging.

Most see it as a way of making money and yes, there are some that do make a living from this. Putting that to one side, blogging can help you build your brand and become the influencer in your market place., but there is more to just writing a post than, well, writing one.

Here are my top 5 myths around blogging…

I only need to post every now and then.

Yes and no. The fact that you do a post at all is good but if you restrict this to an odd couple of times in a year then to see any really benefit in your work will take years. In the ideal world, you need to be posting 2 to 3 times a week and if this is too much for you right now, commit to at least once a week to start with.

It does not matter what I post

Content is King and Google is really starting to rank pages higher with good content and blogs are a way to do this. When you post look to give advice, tips, tricks, hacks or even stories around what you are doing which will engage the readers.

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All I have to do is write a post and that’s all

Wrong! Once you have posted then you need to share and make sure your post is out everywhere. This means you link your post onto ALL your social media sites and include sites such as Tumbler. If you are podcasting then do a podcast on the blog and link from your p[odcast and even for your Youtube channel.

Finally, send out a copy of the blog post to your mailing list so your customers can see what you are up to.

All I have to do is write something and let the magic happen

Errrr….no sorry. There are 20 things your need to ensure for a successful blog post, but luckily the majority of these are done as part of your website build. Once the blog post is done then you need to submit it to Google at least once a week to ensure that it is indexed correctly.

Blogging helps with my SEO and page rankings

Yes and no. Yes, it can be a major factor in the ranking of your website and the more blog posts you do the better (ideal to try and hit that magic 100 posts as quickly as you can). If you are posting and not submitting to Google then no you won’t do much for your rankings straight away.

Ask yourself why should or do I blog? If the answer is because that is what everyone else is doing then STOP! Would you blindly follow the herd without at least finding out why?

Finding out the best practices on blogging can really help you grow your business and also help you to become the goto person in respect of what blogging is, what it can do for you and how to manipulate the system so you can get the best returns.

Dispell the myths and start the correct road to blogging today – happy blogging all.

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