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5 Ways to beat writer’s block for blog posts

So your ready to get writing a blog, that inspirational moment that will get your words of wisdom out to the masses when BAM! Writer’s block.

Nothing, not a word, Na..da (is Na..da even a word?)

So what to do? Well before panic kicks in and your start to reach for the coffee pot, take a look at my top 5 blog posting tips to overcome your writer’s block.

Keep a Diary

To get started create a diary/spreadsheet and brainstorm as many topics of discussion as possible within 30mins. Simply write down the topic or headline and do not worry about the content. After you have finished you will have around 30 to 40 topics that you can use as blog posts (having a glass of your favourite vino during this will certainly help with your creativity).

Do a Review

Read a great book that inspired you? Do you use a tool, system, software or App for your work that will help others? Then do a review on it and let readers know the positives and negatives about your experience. Give links to make it easy for the reader to buy/download as well.

These top 5 ideas certainly break your writer's block for those wanting to write blog posts and number 5 makes it very easy! Click To Tweet


Conversations are a great way to come up with blog post ideas – take this post which was inspired after a 1-2-1 with a BNI colleague who asked how I overcome writer’s block on blog posts (shameless plug for HR Overload). Share your experiences via a blog post and remember no more than 500 words!

You never guess what?

Did something strange happen to you today? Saw something funny, had a strange dream? All these can help contribute to a blog post even if it is something the kids did or your fur babies got up to. The key is to listen and watch – your next inspiration is only a keyboard tap away.

and finally….

How too’s

Possibly one of my favourite and easiest to do. How often has someone asked you how to do something or the best way to approach something in your business or line to work? So rather than keep repeating yourself, write a blog article and when someone asks the question simply point them to the relevant blog post. You will have at least 4 subjects right now as you read this post that you can start to write about!

Blogging should not be a chore but something that is rewarding and if done right and constantly can help with your website rankings and elevate you as an influencer within your market sphere – so, in short, there are huge benefits to this as well.

Take the challenge and sign up to the one course where I show you step by step how to get higher Google rankings with blogging!

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