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Podcasting on a Budget!

Podcasting on a Budget! Podcasting is one of the biggest and growing sectors of marketing and brand awareness and with over 2 million podcasts being uploaded each day, missing out could mean that you are losing potential clients. There are many different podcast shows out there and having one that meets your business is [...]

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Presentation tips – why you need to be prepared.

How long does it take to prepare for your presentations? Do you know how to aim it right for your audience? In this episode, I give an example of how preparing for one presenter went drastically wrong, and how one business coach stunned a teacher with his preparation questions.

Presentation tips – why you need to be prepared.2020-01-13T10:46:32+00:00

App Review – Bonjoro

Bonjoro is a free app and service available for both Andriod and IoS. It allows you as a business owner to connect directly with your customers to increase client satisfaction and trust, as well as those in your sales funnel to increase sales conversions. Integration into all the top CRMs, Sales systems, Online [...]

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Why you should never offer for FREE!

Why you should never offer for FREE! How often have you been tempted to offer your services for free to entice new potential clients through the door? Certainly when starting out or when you see the inquiries start to drop it may have entered into your mind. I'm not talking about physical products but more [...]

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