14 Unintentionally Funny Inappropriate Domain Names

More often than not, one of the first things I tend to do these days is to look at a new client proposed domain name and let them know if it is actually a good idea to go ahead with it or change it. Yes, I have had some domain names which (let’s be honest) could have been very embarrassing or at the very least given the wrong impression even targeting the wrong audience for that matter.

So with no further ado, here are my top 14 funny (and potentially inappropriate) domain name fails.

1. Itscrap.com

2. Whorepresents.com

3. Penisland.net

4. Expertsexchange.com

5. Speedofart.com

6. Americanscrapmetal.com

7. Masterbaitonline.com

8. Therapistinabox.com

9. Therapistfinder.com

10. Dicksonweb.com

11. Kidsexchange.net

12. Therapist.com

13. Teacherstalking.org

14. Choosespain.com


For more great domain name fails why not head over to BoredPanda.com (not a funny domain name)



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