5 blog topic ideas for businesses

Having ideas of what to post on your blog may leave you a little flustered but in truth, there are 100s of ideas and posts that you can do each day to drive traffic to your website and deliver content to the search engines.

So with that in mind, I have picked out 5 blog post topic ideas to get you started.

1. The Interview Post

It’s surprising how willing even the most influential people are to give you an interview — even if you have a small audience on your blog.
Remember that the easiest way for an influencer to give you an interview is through audio — all they have to do is call you and start talking.

2. Pick of the Week Post

This is a popular type of series post and is usually a relatively short blog post that describes a single piece of content, tool or other resources that you have curated, linked to and described.

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3. Story Post

Create content that tells a story that would be entertaining to your market.
Some blogs only produce this type of content and others create a series around this type of blog post.

4. Review Post

Review a product, event or anything else you have access to while it is newsworthy.
For best results, be as honest as possible in your review rather than painting everything you review in a positive light.

5. News Post

Look to create content on your blog about events as they are happening.
You don’t need to “break” the story but, for best results, be sure to add a perspective that your audience will find valuable or entertaining.

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