5 Trending Newsletter Topics

Ok so you have a mailing list and you tend to mail out once in a while as that it the only time you have any updates for your list. Then when you do mail out it is either a selling proposal or an update on your closing times.

The thing is you need to keep your communication with your list going on a regular basis and there are literally a ton of ideas on what you can email out to keep your credibility and visibility with your mailing list.

Sneak a peek at my top 5 newsletter ideas to get you started.

Tips, Trick and Cheats

Helping your list to get the best of their day to day really helps build your trust and your commitment. By giving away top tips and tricks, for example, you are helping them to gain new insights and be the goto person for ideas within your business sector. What’s more, rather than giving “everything” away, only give away those things you seemed to advise people on a daily basis

New projects and services

Your mailing list can be a great way to “bounce” ideas and promote new services to your mailing list. Again by offering hints or carrot dangling, you can run a series of emails over a few weeks before a major launch for example. I know authors that do this very well but posting out snippets of their new book to their readers so that when it comes to launching of the book, they have a huge number of people ready to go when it comes to purchasing.

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Latest Industry News

Might sound boring, but people want to know what is going on in the industry and if they have signed up to your mailing list(s) then why not keep them updated? It’s not all about selling but giving people a chance to be in the “know” around whats going on.

App ideas or ways of working

Do you use a particular app in your line of work? Maybe use a working practice that you find particularly helpful, saves time, money or just makes a process a whole lot easier? Then do not keep it a secret but let your mailing list know. They will appreciate your feedback, the positives and the negatives and will increase your standing as an influencer at the same time.

Blog it!

It is easy to send out notifications whenever you do a new blog to your mailing list and with most automation systems these days, this can be done the moment you have published your blog – quick, easy and effective.

Remember, when people sign up to your newsletter, it’s because they want to hear from you more than three times a year. Leaving too long a gap between newsletters will only encourage unsubscribe, so try at least once a month (once a week for the blogs).

Remember – signups will either be your customers or potential customers….so talk to them!



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