8 Logo Fails that you must see

You know what it’s like- you have this great idea or concept for a logo/Brand and yet something does not seem right. As much as you look at it, it’s not until someone says “hey, does that not look like…” does the dread and realisation suddenly set in.

The first feature of a good and effective logo is that it can immediately “grab” viewer’s attention. Your logo should have an instant impact and hold the viewer’s attention, and these logos certainly do that!

Here are the best of the top 15 Logo Fails as published by Bored Panda

1. Computer Doctors

I have no words. At what point does a computer mouse even resemble the letter U – more like U know what it looks like!

2. Arlington Pediatric Centre

There is a fine line APC and you may have just crossed it- back to the drawing board me thinks

3. A-Style Logo

Produced back in the mid-80s, which luckily had nothing to do with dogs and more to do with a clothing brand.

4. Catholic Church’s Archdiocesan Youth Commission

This is an actual logo designed in 1973 for the Catholic Church’s Archdiocesan Youth Commission. It even won an award from the Art Directors Club of Los Angeles.

5. Institute Of Oriental Studies

Not 100% sure on what they are studying for, butt may interest some people out there!

6. Clinica Dental

Might explain why it’s so damn expensive to go to the dentists these days, although I don’t recall this during my root canal!

7. Kudawara Pharmacy

Well, at least you will be in the right place for protection….

8. Mont-Sat

Really I think I will just leave this one here, but if you would like to see their current site then its www.mont-sat.pl

So which one is your favourite? I know mine but that’s for me to know and you to ask!



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