Blog Post ideas that every business should be using!

It’s always frustrating when you are about to start your blog and ‘pop’ the ideas are just not there. Writer’s block is a nightmare, but one easy solution to this is to keep a blog diary. Use a spreadsheet and write down 30 to 40 ideas of posts you can use. Once you have used one of these post ideas cross it off and move on.

So where to get these ideas in the first place? Below are my 5 top post subjects that any business and website owner can use:

Products and services
Sounds simple right and by letting clients and visitors know more about your products and services and the advantages they bring, the easier it is for clients to focus down on what each product does. You can even add in Project samples of work completed or even case studies so help emphasis each product. If you have more than one product or service, then do one post for each.

The trick on this one though is not to try and sell on these pages and remember to link from the blog post to the product/service and visa-versa.

New team members
Got a new member of staff joining? Then a blog post is a great way for you to introduce them to your business clients. It also helps visitors to get to know your organization better and brings in a trust element around the who process.

Personally, I’m not a big fan of these types of posts, but I know clients that do it this way and they get fantastic results – so who am I to say it’s wrong?

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Product launches
Launching a new product or service? Maybe you are doing a pre launch and a blog post is a great way to introduce this to clients and visitors as well as offering discounts for early bird orders. A great alternative to doing a landing page if you can set this out correctly.

Current Topic
So whats going on in the news? Who is making the headlines today? These posts are great but really have to be on the ball and make sure you get the post out and distributed as quickly as possible. That said you can keep up with the current affairs and get your post spread far and wide. These tend to have a limited timeframe (depending on whats going on) but if you can jump on this you are on to a winner.

Something like “Why a website would NOT be a good thing for the Duke and Duchess of Sussex” – you get the idea!

Tips and Tricks
This is my all-time favorite post – giving great information clients can use within their own business or in the day to day life. These are easy to do and quick turnarounds as well – take all the information you tell people on a regular basis and you are virtually doing a blog post.

So when someone next ask how you do something, you can reply with actually we have a blog post on that and I will send this to you now.



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