Creating a Killer 60-second Pitch

Being able to describe your business successfully is an essential networking skill for two crucial reasons.

First, the person you are talking to can quickly and easily understand if she or one of her acquaintances is one of your potential clients.

Second, knowing exactly how to communicate your business essence allows you to spend more time talking to people who are interested in what you do and how you do it and less time trying to “sell” leads that do not will never become your customer.

Here is my 3-step system to create a deadly playground to creating a killer 60-second pitch in presented at networking meetings!

Identify the pain you are solving in the market

In this step, you want to do two things: identify the specific strain you are settling on the market and get the agreement of the person you are talking to. To do this, you state the problem you are solving in the form of a question such as “Do you know how the vast majority of new businesses fail in the first five years?”

It indicates the suffering (the widespread failure of new businesses) and brings the person to whom you speak in agreement with you (everyone knows that this is true).

Describe your ideal client and how you work with them

Here, you want to be very specific about the niche (or micro-niche) that presents the problem described and how you help it overcome this pain.

For example, you could say, “I advise coaches and other personal service providers on strategic ways to sell more effectively and with a modest budget.”

Already, if the person you are speaking to identifies with the pain and now falls into the category of who (coaches and other personal service providers) and how (guide them to sell more efficiently and on a shoe rope), their interest is stung.

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Explain how your customers benefit from working with you

It becomes a little tricky, but still quite simple. The real benefits of working with you do not come from the specific outcome you contribute to producing (more clients, better relationships, fitness, health, etc.), but from what these results create for them.

More clients may mean they earn more and can support their families or travel the world and live the life they have always dreamed of.

In the example above mentioned, this may look like: “So that they can have a steady stream of qualified customers arriving each month, helping more and more people while creating a generous income for themselves!”

The main benefit here is that they can help more and more people in presented at networking meetings, generate a generous income, a challenge facing many of the coaches and personal service providers I work with.

All together!

It is what an elevator step would look like when you combine these elements:

That’s all we can say about it. You’ll quickly remember the height of your ascendancy that will allow you to spend more time marketing with genuinely qualified prospects.


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