Is your website like a Ferrari….but without the engine?

How often I hear that people are happy with the “look” of their website, all gleaming, great images, layout and yet something is missing…..Oh, that’s right, Sales!

You see anyone can build a website (sorry but it’s true) but it takes someone with experience on marketing, business accrument and conversion knowledge to make you a website that works, converts and brings in sales.

As I said this week, it is like having a Ferrari, but without the engine – who wants that? The prospect of having a top of the range super sports car that turns heads, but without its main components is nothing more than an ornament sitting by the side of the road.

Automation systems, lead pages, bump carts are just the start and that is not even touching on blogging, podcasting and Vlogging that all need to be done in order to increase your brand and experience.

And believe me, if your website does not have at least these items in the back end, then your site will not go anywhere fast it at all. Unfortunately, it is also one of the main reasons why so many start-ups fail.

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They rush into getting their site and business running, not getting the right guidance and advice, and end up feeling despondent and left wondering what went wrong as they close their doors after a year (less in some cases). The trouble is many web guys are just there to make it look good and do not even know about the work that needs to go into the back end.

In my current book that I’m writing, I have for example identified over 20 items that need to be put in place for a blog – it’s well over 50 for a website and involves more than whacking a theme together and hoping it looks good (don’t get me started on the free websites either).

So when taking on a new web designer for the first time, why not ask these few questions to gauge where they are at:

  1. What automation systems do you recommend?
  2. What the best way to determine client profiling and marketing demographics?
  3. What can you advise on CTAs and Lead agents?
  4. Should I be doing any blogging on my site?
  5. What are Longtail URLs?

Getting your ideal website should not be a chore but should be a journey of discovery and understanding at the same time. If you are lacking in sales or your website is not going at 100mph then please do look at my consultation solution as a way to get your business to the right place and as well as turning heads.



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