Why you need to start Podcasting!

Podcasting might sound like another Oh No moment in your online marketing toolkit, after all no one likes the sound of their own voice and what’s more, it’s going to cost a lot of money….right?

Before we get to that part lets look at podcasting for a moment. If you are not aware podcasting allows you to record a voice message, announcement or script and have this small segment (normally in a mp3) downloadable for users to their mobile phone or other media device.

This means your business can be heard on the move 24 hours a day. And what’s more, it can be distributed to platforms such as Itunes which in turn will increase your potential marketing audience.

The secrete around this is not about selling but gaining a reputation as an expert in your marketing field. Once you gain that reputation, then people will naturally want to start buying from you or inquiring about your services.

Ideas for podcasting

Podcasting is still a relatively untapped marketing resource for businesses, Its a great way to keep your existing clients updated and to attract new ones too. The following are just some ideas of how different businesses could start a podcast.

  • Cook/Chef – shows on different recipes that people could try from their home.
  • Handyman/IT – Having a tech show to help people to solve common problems or issues
  • Gym’s – how-to training guides and even nutrition meal plan ideas and recipes
  • Tour operators – travel shows and guides along with how-to ideas
  • Training – give introductory advice to different training applications
  • Accountants – offer tax and other financial related information to help businesses

In short, if you have a business then you will have a message! How often do you seem to be repeating similar things about your business to different people? You can take these and create different podcasts and then send them on – simple!

Getting Started (what you need)

Before you go off and start purchasing expensive equipment, getting started can be very low and the following tools are a great way for you to try podcasting and see if its right for you.

Audacity – Free audio software which you can use to edit and record your shows

Anchor FM – Free podcasting hosting plus their mobile app will allow you to record your show and edit from your mobile phone (again for free). Plus they will distribute you podcast over a number of different platforms such as Itunes once you have uploaded a new show.

Headset & Mic – If you are not using the Anchor App then you will need a headset and microphone to use with audacity. You can get these from most computer outlets for around $10

Finally, keep your shows informative and provide good resources that will engage your listeners. Try and keep your podcasts to around 10 to 20 mins in length (no more) as this will encourage your listeners to sign up and download more episodes of your shows.


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