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Get in touch via TEL

There are so many different ways for people to get in touch with you these days, and so many new great ideas coming out, but there are some that simply seem to have not taken off and in the case of TEL, personally, I just very surprised that not more people are using this simple but very effective online tool.

Tel or dot TEL is a domain name which you can purchase for around $10 (got mine from namescheap) and comes with its own hosting solution that allows you to quickly produce and create your very own online digital business card/business directory for your business.

Now, this might seem a little strange to you but just hang in there for a second.

To start with you can manage the content (which is created by completing form fields) very quickly and easily from any web browser or mobile application. This means if you change your details, website, phone or even your business, you can make these changes on the fly. Simply complete the required area on the site and click save and it’s all done – take a look at mine

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So I look at this as an advance online digital business card which can be adapted to my life and what I do. It also means that instead of having to list out a ton of links to my social accounts when posting, I can now just use the one and Yes, the domain and information on my TEL account is indexed and searchable via Google.

As the company tells us in their own words:

“In today’s digital world connections happen online within your community. Your .tel name gives you a branded link that you can share and post on search engines, directories and social media – enabling you to drive more traffic and leads back to your site.”

Once you have purchased your domain name, then simply go to their site and sign up for the free hosting –

My top tip on this is that you must sign up with the SAME email address that you used to register the domain and do NOT use the whois protection as the TEL company checks the whois on the domain name to ensure it’s you and send you the login details to that email address. If you get stuck do not panic as they have excellent customer service and sorted this little issue out for me within 20mins.

So with not many people currently utilising this, now would be a great time to get a TEL domain name specific to you and start to benefit from this awesome system.

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