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Why your business will benefit from Podcasting…

It’s easy to get started 

Podcasting is easy to do and once your get started easy to keep up. You can do virtually anything from top tips, business insider news and whats more you can bring in new followers and become an influencer in your market space.

Increases brand awarness

Top casters around the world use podcasting to get across ideas, new projects, new products and services, in fact anything that will help their rankings and reach out to new potential clients.

You become the authority in your field

The fact is people only wan to deal with those who are leaders and who provide authority in their field. Once you get to this stage then new clients are recommended to you rather than you having to pay for searching or expensive advertising.

Creates Engagement with your audiences

Because you can place you podcasts on your website, it increases the time visitors stay on the site. Many people prefer listening or downloading podcasts so that they can refer back to them later or use them on their mobile device.

How to get started…

Q: How hard is it to do podcasting – I’m not that technical!

A: It’s not hard to get started and in fact, we give you full training on using the top Podcasting platform and the best way to get your podcast created.

Q: Do I need any special equipment?

A: Ideally a headset connected to your PC or laptop and a condenser mic BUT you can always use a headset with a mic to get started which are around £10

Q: I’m not sure what I can do podcasts on!

A: We have you covered. As part of the package, we give you five topic categories specific to your industry that will help you get started.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How Quickly do I get access to start this?

A: Once payment is made I will arrange an online session to discuss and understand your business and from there we will then begin your initial training and send over all the relevant documentation and audio files specific to your business

Q: If I get stuck or need help, then what?

A: There is live chat with the “Ask Mark” feature where you can chat directly with me.

Let’s get you Podcasting!


£10500*One off
  • Full Training and Setup of your Podcast platform
  • Professional voice-over intro audio file for you business
  • Show topic ideas list for you to get started with
  • Podcast Show graphic for Itunes and Google Podcasts

*Fee excludes any hardware such as headset/microphones. Podcast hosting fees are payable directly to the hoster and start at $10