Facebook Marketing 101

  • How to use Custom audiences to your advantage
  • Setting up your Facebook pixel
  • Affective retargeting ads to draw visitors back to your website
  • Which headlines work and draw attention
  • How to setup the three different adverts that work for any business
  • Easy Advert design and copy writing swipe files
  • How to target the right audience for you
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The LinkedIN Builder

  • How to create a headline that gets LinkedIN users to contact you.
  • The perfect profile template
  • How to setup your LinkedIN correctly
  • Explain how 80% of users are doing wrong on their accounts and how you can capitalise on their mistakes.
  • How to get more leads and enquiries without having to pay for any adverts
  • Easy testimonial design and copy writing swipe files - getting people to recommend you
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Blogger Expert

  • How to create the perfect blog content
  • Blog template ideas that you can download and use today
  • The two tricks to get higher Google rankings with your blog
  • Which headlines work and draw attention with Swipe Files
  • The FREE tools you can use to create your blog graphics
  • How to make money from your blogs
  • How to get people to recommend you and increase your website traffic WITHOUT paying for ANY SEO work to be done
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The Twitter Academy

  • The correct and only way to setup your twitter profile to attract new clients
  • The easy way to get followers who are looking for YOUR services
  • How to get recommendations and testimonials
  • Which posts work and draw attention
  • Who you should be following for your business and why
  • The do not guide which will stop followers - this is a must for any user
  • How to sell on Twitter without selling
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presentation skills online training

Presentation Skills for Success

  • How to create the perfect 7 second, 1 minute buster and showcase presentations
  • Using powerpoint and creating your presentation in 3 easy to follow steps
  • What to put in and more importantly what to leave out of your presentation
  • Which headlines work and draw attention
  • Basic NLP techniques that will keep your presentation audience captivated
  • Easy to use copy writing swipe files
  • Understanding your audience and your customers
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