Site not being ranked or conversion issues on your Website/Social Media?

My in-depth business audit will answer all the questions on how to improve and maximise your online presence.

Why a business online audit is essential for business growth…

Your not converting or getting online sales/enquiries

You have a website and social content but for some reason you are missing something and you just not getting the required sales or interest from your visitors.

Web designers are just that!

You have a good looking website but thats all. Web designers and even most Digital Marketing companies only cover the basics when it comes to conversion and most will simply push expensive SEO or PPC services.

You need new ideas and direction for your business

I can bring new ideas and easy to implement solutions to your business which will give alternative growth revenue without you needing to make major changes to your business. 80% of businesses can offer more services and solutions easily but are unaware that they have the ability too.

You need to provide trust and social proof.

Trust is important and without I can go through your social marketing and advise on what is missing and how to increase your social proof to gain trust and more conversions.

What is the Business Audit?

The online business audit is designed for your business in mind. By looking at your website and social media activity, I can draw up a specific plan of action outlining the areas that should be changed to maximize your conversion rate and visitor interaction.

The plan includes:

– Website proforma and detailed overview of changes required
– Facebook posting suggestions and calendar for your business
– Instagram overview
– LinkedIN overview
– Facebook page overview

This is the most comprehensive business report you will get. It is not generated by a bot (as SEO companies do) but is a detailed overview 100% from me and written reports

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How easy is it to implement the changes?

A: Very easy. For the social media side, you will certainly be able to implement the new ideas and plans straightaway. For your website then simply ask your web guys to do the changes I have outlined

Q: Can I ask you to do the changes?

A: Of course. I can amend the site and implement the new functions and ideas. With social media, I can also act as your social media manager. If interested please do ask more about these services.

Q: Would it be possible for you to work with my web designer on this?

A: 100%, If you are happy with the relationship you have with your web designer and need someone to manage and speak to them at a technical level then I will be able to offer this as a service too.

Get started today and grow your client base!

Full Online Audit

  • Full website overview and report on conversion changes
  • Facebook page overview plus post planner
  • LinkedIn Profile overview
  • Instagram profile overview plus post planner

Website Audit

  • Website overview
  • Full report with recommended changes
  • One month Google submission

Social Media Audit

£45per Social Account
  • One Social account
  • Full report with recommended changes
  • Post Planner (Facebook only)
  • 7 days post creation (Facebook only)