Facebook Marketing 101

How to easily and quickly have potential leads contact you through proven and target Facebook adverts without any sales pressure and keeping a low cost rate!

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With Facebook Marketing 101, I will personally show you…
  • How to use Custom audiences to your advantage

  • Setting up your Facebook pixel

  • Affective retargeting ads to draw visitors back to your website

  • Which headlines work and draw attention

  • How to setup the three different adverts that work for any business

  • Easy Advert design and copy writing swipe files

  • How to target the right audience for you

Why use “Facebook Marketing 101”?

Not just tried and tested, but continually updated to new standards and process

Learn the exact processes required to maintain effective Facebook advertising that not only is easy to manage and maintain a low click cost rate but allows you to follow the processes I have used that drives visitors and customers to our websites.

Shows you how to attract new clients and Repeat business

You’ll how you can get visitors to come back to your site, and get the to do something. These techniques are not hard or difficult, but with nearly 80% of business NOT doing these online, you will certainly be ahead of your competitors.

Step by Step Course.

I will handhold you throughout the process with in-depth and up to date video, cheat-sheets, and student materials to ensure that you have the latest process at hand. What’s more, I ensure that with continued changes at Facebook, that the information you get is always current!

Learn at your own Pace

This is not a race and you can take as long as you need to get through this. Included in the course is the “Ask Mark” section where you get continued help and support directly from me online. Yes, you will be talking to me…not some bot or random faceless person!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How hard is it to do this course – I’m not that technical!

A: I will hand hold you through every step and you do not need any prior technical abilities or skills to setup cost effective and target adverts for your business

Q: Is this a certificated course?

A: At the end of the course you will be issued with a signed certificate of completion from the Business Machine

Q: How quickly can I do this course as time is of value.

A: It can take you as long or as quick as you like. There is no specified time limit in which you need to complete the course.

Q: How Quickly do I get access to start this course?

A: Your login information will be sent directly to you upon completion of your paypal payment. If you are paying via EFT then please send proof of payment in order that I can give you immediate access.

Q: If I get stuck or need help, then what?

A: There is live chat with the “Ask Mark” feature where you can chat directly with me.

Q: How often is the content updated?

A: As soon as there are any updates or changes in Facebook workings, the videos are updated within 24 hours. Once this has been done you will then get an email from myself advising of the update and which sections you will need to go back over to ensure you are fully up to date.

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