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Podcasting on a Budget!

Podcasting is one of the biggest and growing sectors of marketing and brand awareness and with over 2 million podcasts being uploaded each day, missing out could mean that you are losing potential clients.

There are many different podcast shows out there and having one that meets your business is easy. For example a builder could do a podcast of DIY tips, a fitness coach on health and exercise and a travel agent on different locations and holiday ideas.

In short there is no real excuse why you should not be doing podcasts but how to get started?

In this article I outline the exact tools I use when I do my podcasts and as you will see I have purposely done this on a budget as I wanted to see how easy it was:

Recording your podcast

Look on line and you will see podcasters using the most expensive software for this and yet it is possible to do this for free. I personally downloaded a voice recorder app off Google Play and record from my mobile. This allows the added advantage that if I want to do interviews with people I just need my mobile phone.

Some podcast hosting sites such as Anchor.FM have apps which allow you to record the podcast from your phone prior to uploading to your channel


Again I have seen podcasters using some very nice and expensive microphones. Of course the better the microphone the better the quality but again if you are looking to do podcasts on the move the cheapest way is to purchase a omnidirectional lapel microphone which connects to your mobile.

I purchased mine from takealot and cost me less than $5 including delivery. Just make sure it is omnidirectional.

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Hosting your Podcast

Do your research here as again there are good free sites out there. The better one that I use is Their system allows you to easily upload your podcast and has easy connections to Itunes, Stitcher and Google Casts which will help build your listening audience

Intros and outros

These are great to use for call to actions and headlines in your podcast. There are great voice over artists on and you will be charged around $25 for about 100 words. Make sure your script is catchy and says the right thing and that it is not more than 10 seconds in length

Channel Art

Good channel art will get you noticed on the likes of Itunes. This is the square graphic that you will see used by podcasters to advertise their shows.

Again I uses and spent around $5 for mine – well worth the time and the energy.

All in all, getting started does not need to cost a fortune – let me know how you get on and why not share your channel show here as well.

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