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Have you done a presentation but failed to get leads or sales after completing it? Enquiries seem to be short and although you feel you have delivered the best presentation you can, the response is simply not there from those watching it.

The truth is most people have an idea of how to be a presenter but not how to present. The difference can be from giving a good presentation that people won’t recall to one that is an awesome presentation that will get people asking you for more information and buying your products and services.
And it all comes down to preparation – over 80% of people are taught the wrong way to prepare their PowerPoint presentations for example. They do not understand that it is not a case of putting up a few graphical slides to get the audience’s attention.

And understanding exactly what is the FEAR of presenting is easily explained and overcome in one simple step.

This presentation training workshop will help you:

Learn how to profile your customers and audience so you present the best directly to their needs

Structure your presentations correctly in a way that enages your audience

Get your audience to take action once you have finished, increasing sales and follow ups easily with just one slide

Follow up techniques that teaches you to continue the enagement and close your pitch

Develop the skills needed to present effectively

I have over 15 years of presenting /keynote speaking experience and it has been my privilege to learn the secrets to effective presentations from some of the world’s top speakers.

The techniques I will show you include some of the styles used by top presenters such as Tony Robbins and can be used across many different aspects such as meetings, webinars, and even networking functions.

The content I have produced in this workshop CANNOT be found anywhere else, as this has been developed from scratch using my unique methods.

This course is ideal for…

  • Those in Sales and Marketing

  • Business Owners

  • Startups looking to gain more sales experience

  • SMEs looking to grow their business

  • Those that attend business netwoking meetings

In this one day Presentation Skills Workshop, you will Master…

  • Overcome the fear of presenting and public speaking

  • Engage your audience, before, during and after the presentation

  • Using powerpoint and creating your presentation in 3 easy to follow steps

  • What to put in and more importantly what to leave out of your presentation

  • NLP techniques that will keep your presentation audience captivated

  • How to profile your audience

  • How to turn a NO into a YES!

  • Follow up methods to get your enquires in to Sales

  • Three presenting styles you can use in meetings and at networking events

  • How to avoid the pitfulls that 80% of people fall ito (even if they feel they are”trained” to present)


Course Fee: £150 pp 

price excludes travel and expenses

I offer my services to corporates nationwide and deliver public courses for individuals in and around Johannesburg, Pretoria and Cape Town.