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Signs your website might need a makeover

So you have this wonderful website for your business and yet something is not feeling right. It’s been up and running for over 6 months now and enquiries or even visitors seem on the light side and yet surely it’s your marketing and not the website….right?

The thing is, your website is your silent salesperson and if it is giving out the wrong message, or not giving clear and concise messages, then you site won’t be delivering or doing much for you. After all, if you employed a salesperson that was not delivering, would you not consider firing them or at least checking to see what is wrong?

Here are the top 7 signs that your website could do with a makeover, so time to hit the F5 refresh button and start making some changes:

Not ranking very high

You checked Google and yet your ranking seems to be low on the scale of things. Chances are your sites basic SEO is not set up (if at all) and that you are using the incorrect URLs for your web pages. Time to get a second look very quickly

Site looks tired

Yes, it was only built 6 months ago but already it is starting to look dated. No headlines, CTAs or even offers for visitors could be one of the main reason for losing sales. Make sure that you look at getting something that is clean and easy to use.

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Not converting customers

To get a customer you need trust and if your site is not given you that trusting feeling then why would people buy from you? Make sure you have clear policies in place, refund options and show that online payments are made using secure payment gateways. Also, add in client testimonials who have already purchased from you.

Not been updated for 6 months plus

When was the last time you put new content on to the site? Is you last blog post about your Christmas opening hours from 7 months ago? Make sure your content is fresh and up to date. Blogging can help but make sure you are doing this at least twice a week.

The theme is no longer supported

Not all themes on WordPress are still supported and especially if the developer is no longer working or there is no support system behind them. The main issue is that a new version of WordPress could mean you theme will no longer work and BANG there goes your website!

Not secure

Check on the tab on your browser and can you see the little padlock next to your websites URL? If not then you are not using a secure SSL on your site and this can lead to Google blacklisting or certainly advising visitors to be careful when going to your site. The majority of web hosters now offer free SSL’s with your website hosting so there really is no excuses on this one.

On free template systems

If your site on systems such as Wix or Squarespace….Oh dear! What does this tell people about you and your business…”Hey look I want you to buy my top quality products but Im not willing to spend any money on my business!”

A mini-makeover does not have to cost the earth and currently that the Busines Machine we are offering these at £50 per page (t&cs apply).

And if you are still not sure then take advantage of my marketing consultancy where I can outline what is wrong with your online marketing and how you can improve it today

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