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So just what is an Intuitive Business Coach?

So you have come across this strange concept of an “Intuitive Business Coach“, but your left wondering what exactly is one, why are you different from other business coaches and more importantly how can you help my business?

In this article I will answer these questions (and more) and show why having an intuitive business coach is a must have for your business growth

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What is a Intuitive business coach

The term Intuitive Business Coach has been around for sometime now and is starting to become more recognized and widely used by some of the big corporations looking for direction and answers to their issues, challenges and problems that they are facing.

To put it in it’s simpliest form, an Intuitive Business Coach is someone that has Psychic or Mediumship gifts that they use when working with business owners. We tend to have “foresight” or ideas that others simply will not get or understand.

For myself from example, I have been running businesses, an accomplished web designer and digital marketing expert as well as a Social media consultant for over 20 years and continue to this because it is my passion and drive.

I was also born with the gift of Mediumship and use all these skills and gifts to help business owners just like you!

How fo you differ from other business coaches?

In many aspects we are the same but the main fundamental difference is that we are not restricted by ideas and boundaries. With standard business coaches, they work within a regimented system, created through training and ideas past down by others. That’s not saying these ideas are wrong just that they are using a one hat fits all approach when it comes to coaching or mentoring.

An example of this was some advice that a work colleague gave to one of the resellers in our business at the time. The reseller was due to meet an important client about a new website and wanted someone to go along and support them. My work colleague told them that they needed to take myself to the meeting and when asked why they replied “Mark has this uncanny knack of simply knowing what the client wants, how to implement it and what works before the client even knows

That in a nushell is the biggest difference!

What if I do not believe in the “mumbo jumbo”

That’s the great thing and advantage – you don’t have too!

It’s not like a Intuitive Business Coach is suddenly going to go into a trance and start speaking in strange voices (yes I’ve seen those movies too), more that the advice given is around your business and will be more beneficial.

Let me ask this question – how many people in business have you spoken too that are Mediums? The answer will be a lot more than you know but we do not walk around with a big sign on our heads saying “guess what I am?”

Before I started working on the Business Machine and taking this into new waters, I asked a number of clients would they consider working with a Intuitive Business Coach to help them as and when needed? They all responded with a huges YES!

Would you work with or consider having an Intuitive Business Coach helping your grow your business?

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