Let us manage your Facebook & Social Media!

Save time and stop worrying about what your next Facebook post is, how it will look and if you are even using the right copy and hashtags to attract new followers to your business.

Why you need someone to help with you Social media right now!

Saves you Time.

On average, it will take you around 30 to 40 minutes each day for each post you will put up – in a week that is the equivalent of nearly 4 hours lost, and that’s just from one social media platform. Add on Facebook, LinkedIN, Twitter and Instagram and you are losing 16 hours a week which you could be using more productively within your business.

Helps you to get the right message across

Understanding the right way to express your posts and how to get the right message across on your products and services has to be done right. Many businesses fail because they do not understand their social market. Constant posting every day of the week and year is needed from yourself to ensure brand success

Professionally designed graphics to make your stand out

Each post comes with a professional designed graphic with your company logo on. These are designed according to the post we are putting out for you and to compliment the copy that comes with the post. You can use these images elsewhere if you wish and can even use them later in other locations online such as your website.

Content is King

Each post will be focused on your product(s) or services accordingly with links back to relevant pages on your website to drive traffic and allow for sales conversions. Because we are doing the work, you do not need to worry about when the post is sent out as we make sure they are sent at the optimum time when people will be looking at your social media.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How often do you post?

A: There are two plans – one is one post everyday for a week and the other is one post everyday for a month

Q: How soon do you get started?

A: Once payment is made, there is an intital consultation and then normally within 24 hours of that being done.

Q: Do you need my login details for Facebook or the other social services?

A: For Facebook no – you just make us admin of your page (we send your details on how to do this) For Twitter, LinkedIN and Instagram we require access but suggest you change the password from your current one to a temporary one during the work.

Q: Can I get you to just do Facebook and I can then copy the post to my other Social media accounts?

A: Yes of course – this is not an issue and many of our clients prefer to do it this way.

Q: If I get stuck or need help, then what?

A: There is live chat with the “Ask Mark” feature where you can chat directly with me.

Q: Can I advise you on the areas I would like you to focus the posts on?

A: Of course – this is part of the intial consultation

Q: Which is the best package for me and how long should I do this for?

A: The weekly plan is good to start off with and to test the waters. Personally I would suggest doing a minimum of 3 months, but this really is up to you and how you see your marketing going. We can always guide you when you come towards the end of your project.

Three great options to get you started today!

Weekly Management

£7000per week
  • 1 Weeks Posting to one social account

Monthly Management

£240per month
  • 1 months Posting to one social account

Twitter Fan Grower

£2500per month
  • 1 months Twitter growth