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Where to get found online and why!

Once again this week, I had to endure someone’s explanation of Digital Marketing and what it is, and once again they proceeded to talk about SEO and PPC which are NOT the basis for Digital Marketing.

Things have changed in this arena over the last 5 years and yet Digital Agencies have not changed with them and still blind people into thinking that the “strange” and “mystical” world of SEO is all they need.

ITS NOT – So why do I bring this up?

Well in order to understand what digital marketing is, you need to understand what has changed in the last 5 years and it’s simply this:

Google is NO longer the main search engine! There are now 4 main search places on the internet and each one is used for a different reason or search.

So here are the top 4 search locations you need to be found online and more importantly why!

(Note that these are in no particular order of relevance)


You may think that Google is still the #1 to do your searches, and to a certain extent, it is but is now used mainly to search for services where the user needs a starting reference or get a better understanding on what they want or looking for. These are more your warm leads and relies on your website to do the conversion via automation or good CTA’s.

Users are not looking for anything quickly and taking time so will not be looking to purchase straight away.

Digital Marketing is a process which allows visitors to find your online business presence and then turns these visitors into customers. Click To Tweet


No longer just a business site this is a place where users are searching on a particular company or need something very specific to their use. This is where users know what they want and more importantly where so location or being local is more key. Leads tend to be warm to hot on this site with some website interaction.

Connections are more important and the ability to offer and deliver excellent advice and service.


This is your recommendation location. People will tend to ask does anyone know of a business that can do this. This extends over to Instagram as well and you will find that users are more likely to start their initial searching on this site than say Google. Leads from Facebook tend to be hot leads as they generally are recommendation based.

Users are hot to trot and will be ready to buy!


One of the fastest-growing search locations and easy to see why. Users on this site are looking for ways to do something. It is easier to show someone how to do something than explain it and video is simply the best way. The site will generate enquiries if you use it as a means to showcase, help and support which in turn brings trust and confidence. Leads from this site tend to be warm but get hot very quickly.

So what is Digital Marketing? Put it simply, it is a process which allows visitors to find your online business presence and then turns these visitors into customers. SEO and PPC only do the first part for JUST your website and falls short on conversions and also for all your other online marketing places.

So when you next read or hear someone bleating on about doing Digital Marketing and the words SEO and PPC cross their lips, simply say thank you and head for the exit.

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